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Brian Fri 18 Dec 2015

Would going on oxygen at home possibly help the fibromyalgia ?
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Jan Wed 11 Mar 2015

Chris's comment?
Good point Chris, nor have I!
Bearing in mind the intimate relationship between the mind and body, it seems to make sense to me that a neurotransmitter imbalance which causes low mood or depression could cause CFS or IBS.
My own is triggered by salycilates which is a sensitivity or allergy issue. :smile:
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Chris Tue 10 Mar 2015

Has any definitive study been made into the relationship between Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, IBS, TMJ and neurotransmitters? I've been searching information on these connections for years and have never come across anything even remotely conclusive.
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miranda Tue 09 Sep 2014

I've had polymyalgia for three years and I'm finally feeling a bit better now. It seems very similar to this. :smile:
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