Moderate Levels
Higher ambition - determination - impatience - excitable disposition - impulsive - agitation - assertive nature -  angry thoughts - sleep problems - elevated blood pressure - water loss - high sex drive - over zealous - feel angry at things that wouldn't normally make you feel angry.

High Levels
Over stimulated or motivated - feelings of being pushed too hard - addictive behaviour - anxiety - emotional fatigue - alcohol, caffeine, narcotics and nicotine cravings - tell people the same thing two or three times - you miss, or don't listen to what is being said to you - racing mind and thoughts - bouts of mental exhaustion and confusion - have a short attention span - over focused on pointless things - poor willpower - behavioural outbursts or temper tantrums - aggressive behaviour - sexual aggression - worry excessively that doors are not locked or appliances are not turned off - rituals involving safety and counting - preoccupied with germs/disease - tendency to ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Suggested Plan
Raise sugars and or carbohydrate foods in your diet but avoid excess.
Include more tryptophan foods such as chicken, turkey cottage cheese and bananas.
Avoid tyrosine and phenylalanine supplements and limit foods that contain high amounts such as cheese, milk and peanuts.
Address over energising factors such as caffeine, allergens, blood sugar problems and mental stimulants.
Supplement with; vitamin C - ample calcium - chromium (if blood sugar problems exist) and moderate levels of vitamins B6 and B12.
Supplement with care; SAMe - TMG - 5-HTP - MSM - zinc - folic acid - magnesium.
Ensure modest levels of vitamins B1 and B2.
See the Supplement Regime on the Mood Traits page for quantity suggestions.