Moderate Levels
memory, focus, ambition, motivation, sex drive, taste and smell - more alert - more drive - creative - unselfish - talkative - daring - inclination to take chances - more verbally fluent - feelings of bliss, pleasure, attachment and love - concern for the welfare of others -  more controlled motor movements - more euphoric - crave sweets and high carbohydrate foods - lower willpower.

High Levels  
Scatterbrained - poor appetite control - heightened sense of self importance - controlling nature - dissatisfied with self achievements - obsessive compulsive disorder  tendencies - novelty seeking behaviours - take things personally - suspicious and paranoid - comments and glances are viewed personally and negatively - irritated if someone speaks to you and feel ignored if they don't -  preoccupied with bad experiences that may have happened years ago - schizophrenia.
Suggested Plan
Raise sugars and or carbohydrate foods in your diet but avoid excess.
Include more tryptophan foods such as chicken, turkey, cottage cheese and bananas.
Avoid tyrosine and phenylalanine supplements and limit foods that contain high amounts such as cheese, milk and peanuts.
Ensure adequate exercise.
Supplement with; vitamin C - calcium - magnesium - chromium (if blood sugar problems exist) and moderate levels of vitamins B6 and B12.
Supplement with care; SAMe - TMG - 5-HTP - MSM - zinc and folic acid.
Ensure modest levels of vitamins B1and B2 in the diet.  
See the Supplement Regime on the Mood Traits page for quantity suggestions.