Moderate Levels
Unco-operative - uncaring - high anxiety - hostility -  selfishness - ruthlessness - insomnia - excessive vigilance - frequent urine output - bouts of mental exhaustion - erratic personality and emotions - dramatic mood swings - no remorse about personal behaviour.

High Levels
Motivation without pleasure - lose control easily - insomnia and poor dream recall - hyperstimulated - lost sense of humour - loss of emotional enjoyment - mental exhaustion.

Suggested Plan
Check for high blood levels of homocysteine               (see Methylation).
Ensure adequate sugar and or carbohydrate foods in your diet and also adequate salt, unless you have been professionally advised to avoid it.
Include more tryptophan foods such as chicken, turkey, cottage cheese and bananas.
Eliminate over energising factors such as caffeine, allergens, blood sugar problems, stress and mental stimulants.
Try not to avoid cholesterol rich foods unless you have been professionally advised to do so.
Supplement with; vitamins C, B1, B6 and B12 - MSM  calcium - chromium (if blood sugar problems exist).
Supplement with care; SAMe - TMG - 5-HTP - zinc - folic acid - avoid high magnesium levels.
Ensure modest levels of vitamin B2.
See the Supplement Regime on the Mood Traits page for quantity suggestions.