Moderate levels
Optimistic - cheerful - patient - improved sleeping - more carefree - warmer emotions - good natured - restful - low water loss - vivid dreaming - tendency to cry easily.

High Levels
Dull apathetic mood - drowsiness - mentally hazy -  sluggishness - lack of interest - you become more inward - poor energy and frequent tiredness - complete lack of motivation - trouble getting going in the morning -  poor memory and concentration - poor focus - suppressed appetite - no cravings for sweet or carbohydrate foods - no sex drive - sleeplessness - moodiness - anxiety - irritability - aggressive tendencies  - nervousness - frustration - depression - poor stress tolerance (hypoadrenal condition) - low urine output (water retention) - tendency to ADD (attention deficit disorder) - tendency to cry easily (low endorphin activity) - lack of ability to feel love or a sense of attachment to another.

Suggested Plan
Remove sugars and avoid simple carbohydrate foods in your diet.
Include foods that contain higher amounts of tyrosine and phenylalanine such as cheese, milk and peanuts.
Caffeine may help in moderation.
Ensure regular exercise and introduce more mentally or physically stimulating activities.
Supplement with; the supplements L-tyrosine or             L-phenylalanine -  magnesium - vitamins B6 and B12 - moderate vitamin C.
Supplement with care; SAMe - TMG - MSM - folic acid -  zinc - calcium.
Ensure modest levels of vitamins B1 and B2.
See the Supplement Regime on the Mood Traits page for quantity suggestions.